Ko Joy Lynette oku Matua
Ko Ngāti Kuia te Iwi
Ko Hoiere te Waka
Ko Tutumapou te Maunga
Ko Hoiere te Awa
Ko Te Hora te Marae
Ko Te Pere Tai oku Matua
Ko Ngāi Taamanuhiri te Iwi
Ko Horouta te Waka
Ko Maatiti te Maunga
Ko Maraetaha te Awa
Ko Horouta te Marae

Louarna Matenga

Ngāti Kuia

Life has been a challenging journey, but a light inside suggests its worth it. I battled suicide, drug abuse and addiction, sexual immorality and existential fear.

Our creator of life who I call God, music and friends and whanau, have been my foundational success in staying alive this long to share what I have learnt through these experiences. I found a purpose that I will learn about for the rest of my life.

What I feel I can offer to this project is an artist that can grow an intimate relationship with the listener, connecting both through music and everyday casual conversations.

Through stepping out to seek support in skills I lack, I was asked to contribute to this project. This inspired me to write a song that I stand by and am proud to sing.