Ko Tainui tōku waka
Ko Waikato tōku Iwi
Ko Ngāti Maahanga me Ngāti Koroki Kahukura ōku Hapū
Ko Pirongia me Maungatautari ōku Maunga
Ko Te Papa O Rotu me Maungatautari ōku Marae
Nō Kirikiriroa ahau
Ko Taipari Waaka tōku ingoa

Taipari Waaka


Growing up I had an awesome childhood. Being part of a big family and going to school with my brothers. But at a young age, I became a victim of domestic violence from my step farther.
I grew angry and resentful. I believe I carried that with me for a very long time, right into my adult life. I found it hard as a male to express my feelings. I did not understand how to build healthy relationships with anybody, myself included.
I was so fortunate to discover a very deep passion for music, which really helped me to develop as a person. That growth carried on into fatherhood, being a better partner, a better member of my family, and of my community.
These days I use my gift of music to inspire and help others to learn the same things I learnt from music and have been very fortunate to be part of Tūmanako.
I absolutely loved contributing to this kaupapa. Music has always been a platform of self-expression for me. Early on it was self-centered. Now through opportunities like this, I can write songs that can help others who can relate to my lyrics.
I contributed a song called L.I.F.E, which stands for “Life is for ever”.
The message behind that is to remind young people that they have a value, and to raise awareness surrounding suicide, cyber bullying, social expectation, and judgement.